Designing Experiences For Life

From heartfelt moments in the kitchen with your parents to fun times with your
friends in the lliving room, Blau understands the different walks of life and crafts
an inclusive experience in all forms. Create newfound memories with Blau.

  • Harmony

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    A range of 10+ finishes brought
    together in harmony for integrated
    and lush spaces


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    Dedicated and trained installation team that bring your
    chosen product to life. The unique supply chain of global
    components assures you of great after-sales support.


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    Awarded as one of the world’s greatest brands in the
    specialty retail sector, Blau continues to create spaces
    that act as a canvas of togetherness.


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    Reassuring every detail for your safety and comfort with rigorous
    quality inspections for each component, whether it be life cycle
    testing for hinges and sliding systems or moisture optimization
    and abrasion testing for boards.


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    We design masterpieces made to last generations, that are timeless
    and impervious to trend. Blau 60 - the world’s first 60 second
    furniture configurator transform your life to the last millimeter.


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    Eco-friendly materials that follow European norms. With 100+
    finishes giving you the freedom to customise each
    product to reflect your personality.